Dance lessons in Medway

Rochester School of Dance offers a wide variety of dance lessons catering for beginners to experienced dancers at affordable prices.



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Dancing lessons for girls and boys

Explore the exciting world of dance at the Rochester School of Dance, where we provide a comprehensive array of dance styles to suit every taste. Whether your interest lies in the grace of ballet, the rhythms of tap, the contemporary flair of modern dance, the urban beats of street dance, or introducing your preschooler to the joy of movement, we have it all.

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Street Dance

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Full Theatrical Productions

The most exciting event on our calendar is our full theatrical production. This year our show will take place at The Central Theatre, Chatham and every child aged 3+ gets the opportunity to perform on stage in full costume. We are very excited to announce that our next production will take place on Saturday 15th June 2024.   

Join us today for the opportunity to take part in this production.